Please visit Candace Craw-Goldman's page describing in depth practices to get the most out of your BQH session by clicking on the link above


I accept PayPal, Apple Pay and Cash.  Customers paying with cash receive a 10% discount on all services.  A deposit is due on all BQH sessions when making the appointment.  The balance is due the day of the session.

A BQH session is $400 for 6+ hours.   

Bundles & Discounts

Anyone who has a BQH session with me is eligible for a 20% discount on any of my other offerings except for the Women's Circle Gathering.  This discount applies to subsequent BQH sessions. 

Bundle discounts apply as well, if you would like an appointment that combines multiple services I will apply a discount. 

As much as I can I am open to bartering services.  If you offer a service that resonates with me or if you craft sacred objects/tools/jewelry feel free to send me your offer.  I do support myself with this business and at times I may need to turn down an offer based on expenses. 

About my home

Free of cigarette smoke. I will note however that I do burn both Sage, Palo Santo & various incense. These are burned sparingly and the lingering aroma is not noticeable but if you have extreme sensitivities take note. 

If you do have sensitivities to smells please let me know when scheduling as I often have essential oil going in the diffuser and use smoke for smudging. 

Pet free- no animals live in my home so rest easy if you have any type of pet allergy. 

Handicap accessible! 

If you cannot walk down the flight of carpeted stairs to my area I am able to make other arrangements for you which includes parking in an alternate area. I am more than happy to accommodate you in any way I can, if you have special needs please do not hesitate to reach out and let me figure out how I can best assist you. 

Before & After your session

Plan on a BQH session lasting between 3-5 hours.  Do your best to utilize a quiet environment without disruptions.  It is best if you are reclining or laying down comfortably with your eyes closed- an eye mask is recommended.  Get a glass of water and a small snack to keep on hand nearby.  Try to anticipate whatever you may need to be comfortable.  After the session you may appreciate a drink of water and a small snack as we talk to assist in grounding your energy after such an expansive journey.  If possible try not to plan anything too intense/active for a while after your session. It's a wonderful gift you can give yourself to schedule down time following intensive soul journeying.  For sessions done in person we will sit and talk for a while after your session to allow you time to adjust before driving

Remote BQH Session

There are a few ways we can connect online for our session. We can discuss which method will be the easiest for you.  I recommend an app called Voice Recorder which you can use to record your session.  If we experience technical difficulties we can simply reconnect and I will assist you in re-entering the theta brainwave state and continuing our session.  The most important consideration is that I am able to hear you clearly- even if you are whispering, and that you are able to hear me speak in a soft voice as well.  Ideally I am able to see you but it is not required.  Please make accommodations to record your session.  I am not able to record and transfer large files at this time.