-About Me-

 "Alchemy is the art of manipulating life, and consciousness in matter, to help it evolve, or to solve problems of inner disharmonies." -Jean Dubuis

I've been a spiritual seeker my whole life. In early childhood I read spiritual texts and pondered the secrets of the Universe, I asked friends if I could join them at their various churches.  My search for personal truth & revelation has taken me down many paths.  Along the way I've arrived at an eclectic philosophy  and walk the path of a Mystic. My life is dedicated to the pursuit of enlightenment, integrated wisdom and divine communion- as a living practice.  

I chose the path of the wounded healer. I've been striving for balance and healing from a young age due to scoliosis & intense empathic abilities. I've utilized the services of a wide array of healers & doctors throughout my life & often felt disappointed. I spent many years convinced that because western medicine couldn't make sense of my varied diagnosis & symptoms that I was broken. Approaching alternative medicine providers/healers I felt powerless, I was still looking to be healed by a force outside of myself.  Not surprisingly the results weren't impressive without me putting in my own effort & focus. Once it finally hit me that no one was going to find the holy grail of my illnesses I knew it was up to me to save my own life. 

Another important realization, while I may have been unable to change my physical symptoms two things I did have power over were my mind & my spiritual practice. And so, as a young adult & up my spiritual path has been shaped entirely by my desire to navigate a life lived with chronic illness & complicated relationships. Finding a transformative self-love practice was when I truly realized the effect we have on our own healing. When we see ourselves as our divine selves we make elevated choices about how we regard ourselves, others & our experience of this life. 

These gifts have imparted invaluable wisdom & ignited my passion for service to the collective, aided as I have been by these various medicine offerings. I work with the energies of expansion for the highest good of all.  I honor the innate intuition & gifts we all carry, let's co-create together!  It's my experience that a successful healing session is best integrated when it's a collaborative effort. 


 I'm also passionate about the vital importance of sacred ceremony & intentional ritual.  Many profound events- both joyous and sorrowful,  take place in our lives and it's a missed opportunity to connect with your divinity in a real way to let them pass without sacred acknowledgement and action.  I am proud to offer ceremonies & rituals personalized to your needs.  

I'm constantly taking classes & adding to my list of offerings, my primary drive is to facilitate a wide array of enlightening experiences.  I donate a portion of my earnings to charity as a limb of my Karma Yoga path. When possible I offer discounts, bundle deals, and barter. I am always interested in adding to my medicine tools & crystals, if you are someone who makes sacred tools and would like to trade please contact me. 


Classes Courses Certifications

Usui Reiki Certified Level 1 & Level 2

Sound Healing With Voice-  Sound Healing Academ

Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Certified- 

Candace Craw-Goldman

Introduction to Crystal Healing- Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy 

Himalayan Singing Bowl Level 1 Certified- Elephant Bowl