Combining Offerings

My most popular session combines a few of my offerings.

Typically this is crystal medicine & a body grid of crystals followed by sound medicine and finishing up you have your choice of a Oracle reading, crystal consultation, short ceremony, focused energy medicine and more. I am happy to work with whatever you're feeling called to. Your intuition is key when engaging in healing pursuits. 

The cost for this session is $45 and is typically one & a half hours. 

Sound Medicine

I utilize crystal singing bowls, Himalayan brass toning bowls as well as tuning forks. 

I use bowls on* and around the body for clearing- breaking up stagnant energy as well as for infusing your field & body with healing frequencies. 

I have a variety of blankets, pillows, yoga mats, and cushions to assist you with getting comfortable on the floor as well as 1 bolster for behind the knees. Feel free to bring your own if you wish~

The cost of a sound bowl experience varies by time.

30 min. $22

45 min. $33

1 hr. $44

*There are a few contraindications for having bowls played directly on the body so please make sure to visit this link: Warnings- Please Read

Oracle Card Reading

Oftentimes a reading can provide the insight into a situation you desire. A message for your highest good, a message of grace & support, a message prompting you to pay attention- these are some of the possibilities that present themselves during an Oracle reading. I am an intuitive reader with a variety of decks, let's explore together~ 

Your own intuition & insight are instrumental in a successful reading, this is a co-creative process.   

Oracle reading with 3 cards $10

Oracle spread with 5 cards $13

In depth Oracle spread addressing major topic 8+ cards $25

Women's Circle Gathering

Please visit this Women's Circle Gathering link for in-depth information regarding starting your own group or joining a Women's Circle Gathering. 

This offering is intended for a group of 3-5 women who want to commit to 3 gatherings exploring a multitude of my offerings while enjoying the sisterhood of a supportive community. The options are limitless and the invitation is to commit to your personal/spiritual growth. Join me and lets explore the spiritual realms together. 

Cost is $75 for a session of 3 gatherings which includes up to 3 of my service offerings listed on the gathering page.

Personalized Ceremony & Ritual

Engagement Ceremony

* Handfasting/ Wedding Ceremony

* Blessingway Ceremony

* Naming Ceremony 

* Coming of Age ceremony 

* Mourning/ Farewell ceremony

* Funeral ceremony

* Cleansing ritual

* Transition ritual

* Releasing ritual 

* Offering/Atonement ritual

* Cutting Cords ritual 

Possibilities are personalized and are practically endless. 

We move energy with intention and action which is all that ceremony and ritual are. Lighting a candle and saying a prayer is a simple ritual, it can be as elaborate or as simple as you desire.

Cost varies based on complexity, my level of involvement, number of participants, etc. Contact me and lets talk about what you need. 


 I often add Reiki to whatever session is happening. This offering is free- just mention if you would like ​it added.

Providing Reiki free of charge is one of my offerings to the collective based on my Karma Yoga path.

All of my Sound Medicine experiences are combined with Reiki unless you prefer otherwise. 

Crystal Medicine

After an in-depth consultation regarding your motivation for a crystal medicine session I will select the appropriate crystals and we'll do a layout of crystals on and around the body in a large crystal grid. 

I will utilize Reiki when facilitating crystal medicine if you wish.  

Crystal medicine costs vary based on complexity and frequency. I will always discuss the final price following our initial consultation for your approval before going forward. I have a curative collection and am happy to offer a nice variety of crystals. Crystal medicine benefits from repeated exposure which is why I am happy to provide bundle discounts for groups of sessions purchased together. Crystal medicine is also enhanced by enhanced self-care practices and focused intention on your part. 

I regularly cleanse, clear and charge my crystals. They're washed, smudged, placed in the sunshine/moonshine, exposed to sound bowls and occasionally buried. Every crystal used in a a session is thoroughly cleansed directly afterwards. 

If you would like a crystal consultation I'm happy to provide that resource as well. 

A base price for a 1hr session is $50