Women's Circle Gathering

Support on Your Journey

We can easily recognize that Unity consciousness and spiritual community are powerful tools that aid in our experience. Many of us struggle with busy schedules, difficulty with vulnerability, social anxiety & empath burnout which can hinder the drive to connect with others.  This is an opportunity for those who seek to finally dedicate themselves to showing up for their personal & spiritual evolution with consistency in the warm embrace of sisterhood. 


People are increasingly lonely, isolated and seeking feedback & support on their spiritual & personal journey.  The Women's Circle Gatherings are my offering to my community to provide sacred space dedicated to healing, expansion, insight & communal support. 

These small circles of 3-5 can be formed of a group of friends (reach out- you will be impressed by how many say yes!) or the circle may also exist of women who sign up individually and are open to being placed into an appropriate circle with open space. In the case of signing up individually I will have an in depth conversation with you to get a clear idea about what your motivations for joining are and what your focus is so that I may find a good fit with others with similar intent. 

Members are all committed to exploring together in concert with my energetic medicinal offerings & intuitive guidance, my physical space as well as utilizing my sacred tools & supplies. Of course you may bring your own as well. 

What a gathering might look like-

We gather at my home to briefly enjoy an offering of tea and potluck snacks. Then everyone gets comfortable to enjoy their sound bath experience with crystal and/or brass singing bowls.  Based on your current needs I will select a crystal ally for you from my collection to energetically assist during the gathering. Some circles I may place large floor crystal grids to be utilized during sound bath experiences. 

Following the singing bowls Oracle card readings are offered. I will be offering readings from a variety of decks, anyone interested in building their skill reading for others are welcome to offer readings as well. Because we are committed to meeting frequently with the same small circle members feel comfortable making intimate inquiries of the cards and expressing our feelings & impressions about the readings. 

Time for conversation, questions & sharing is allotted at the end with the possibility of practicing with pendulums, Reiki exchanges, whatever your particular group is interested in. 

A few areas of focus I am able to assist in offering:

* Sound medicine- crystal singing bowl, brass Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks. 

* Crystal medicine- I have a decent collection of crystal allies which I keep cleared & charged coupled with extensive resources on crystal medicine. I am happy to provide personalized crystal recommendations & resources for buying authentic decently priced high quality crystals.    

* Reiki- I am happy to provide Reiki during sound bath experiences, individual/group Reiki during circle time or facilitate a Reiki exchange between members. Those members wishing to contribute must have attunements.  

* Personalized ceremony/ritual- If there is a collective experience that the members of the circle would like to commemorate with ceremony/ritual I will work to construct a meaningful energetically expansive experience. 

* Spiritual/Esoteric text book club- If there is a text that the group agrees to explore I can assist in finding discount materials and putting together questions for discussion and insure that time during each circle is allotted for discussion. This is a great opportunity to dedicate yourself to completing a text you've long wished to experience. 

* Meditation/ trance- If the group is interested in exploring a specific meditation/ trance techniques I will provide guidance and relevant materials at cost if desired. Meditating in a group is a unique opportunity to focus on a shared intent/ manifestation/mantra.  Examples include world peace, abundance, balanced health, elevated states of consciousness, etc. This is also an opportunity to deepen your current practice in a dedicated space without distraction. 

* Cutting energetic/etheric cords-  We constantly create and reinforce energetic cords with people in our lives & possibly objects as well by our constant interaction and emotional entanglement with them.  If you feel drawn back to an unhealthy relationship, or seek to break negative patterns or addictions, a cord cutting ritual may be beneficial.

Especially when it comes to relationships, cutting the cord can help break the energetic attachments created and can help you to move on to receive new opportunities in your life. This can also be a balancing force for empaths with weak or abused energetic boundaries. Cutting the cord can help you recharge your energy, feel a sense of peace, can help you let go and can bring about new, positive opportunities. Free yourself! 

* Canceling energetic contracts- Contracts, vows and agreements are recurring patterns that attract lower vibrations of frequencies in our energy fields. These may have been agreed to in this lifetime, other timelines, dimensions & alternate realities.  They are often restrictive, feed our fears and are not helpful in our spiritual process. Most everyone has a collection of existing contracts between souls realized or unconscious that are not serving our highest good and it’s time to release, heal and clear them in our Akashic Records.

* Sacred Sexuality- Exploring our feminine & masculine energy, ways of expressing our sexuality, ways of connecting to our inherent sexual nature- so many possibilities here! 

*Connecting to inspiration & creativity 


Whatever you have an interest in can be discussed. 

Sessions are in groups of 3. We meet on a Saturday 3 times every 3 weeks. The cost per session is $75